Rod actions and curves

What is ACTION?

You´ve certainly heard definitions like "medium action", "Payne action", "dry fly action" and so on ...
What do they mean ?
Well, to the fisherman who uses them they certainly mean exactly what he wishes to express - but to everybody else?! What is "fast action", "nymph action"???
You will find such definitions varying among fishermen. Giving a definition like that is to state a personal view only, these expressions being subjective, no more. We certainly lack a working terminology here.
Until we get one, an action could only be described by how the rod bends, leaving it to be explained by graphs and figures. (By logic, there is no "set of actions" to choose from; the sincere rod maker should be skillful and experienced enough to calculate the formula for that very rod from scratch.)



rodcurves small

This is how actions normally be presented in articles

While planning a rod together with a customer on what action to be used some confusion may arise, since no rod maker could expect the client to be acquainted with actions and tapers described this way. 
Therefore, the discussions are so important, enabling the maker to get some idea of what the fisherman needs and what he will be pleased with. Sometimes I have felt inclined to say the key to successful Custom Rod Making is "knowledge of the human nature" - well, at least an ability to estimate people ...

To me this, sometimes long, process before You go to work is fascinating. In fact it keeps me going; 
making split bamboo rods becomes routine after a while, working close to people like I do never does! 
Truly, it is rewarding to create something that is unique, "one of a kind" which a True Custom Rod always is!

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