Split bamboo care

You might find the amount of advice a heavy one. But to keep a bamboo rod in good condition is only a matter of common sense and the routine is simple.

  • Store the rod in a wardrobe or where the temperature is free from moisture, sunrays and one sided heat. Let it hang loose, the heavy ends down.

  • After fishing, wipe off water and damp. Let it dry completely before putting it back in the rod bag.

  • Join the rod sections by holding Your hands as close to the ferrules as possible and push straight in. Don´t twist ferrules! To take the rod sections apart, keep Your hands as long away from the ferrule stations as You can and pull straight out. Before that the reel should have been removed or its weight will create a side force which will cause the ferrule to stick.

  • Don´t overload the rod with too long casting or too heavy lines. Don´t use it as a lever to bring back a fly tangled in the bushes, and such.

  • Keep an eye at Your casting style. Do You twist the rod in the back cast? Do You tip the rod too much to the right? If You do, You will overload one side of the rod over the other and a “set” will eventually occur.

  • Keep the ferrules clean. Wipe off any residue with a toilet paper. Use a cotton ear top to clean the female section. Never use any chemicals as they will dry out the nickel silver Nickel silver contains zinc which makes the metal “self lubricant”.

  • If the reel seat wood filler has an oil finish, give it a treatment now and then. If not, the wood soaks and You will find the reel stuck one rainy day.

A very good Grayling small

Chris Carter fighting a very good
graylingwith his "Midsummer Rod"


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